Equal Pay For Work Of Equal Value  | Job Profiling | Job Grading & Evaluation 2020

28-30 April  2020, Aviator Hotel OR Tambo Int , Johannesburg  

As an HR Professional, having an effective and fair job evaluation and grading system is crucial to underpin best-practice reward policies and deliver pay-for performance.

This programme is designed to be highly practical, at the end of which HR Professionals will have the necessary skills to write professional job descriptions and person specifications for their organizations. They will also have practical skills to evaluate and grade positions at the same time achieve pay equity.


  • Linking Equal pay to Job Profiles & Evaluation
  • Complying with Employment Equity Plans to eliminate Pay discrepancies
  • Understanding  the need for clear job descriptions and person specifications in the workplace
  • Explaining and apply the principles of Job Analysis and Profiling
  • Integrate  profiling  &  evaluation processes with its performance systems &  competency framework
  • Understanding the difference between job descriptions, person specifications, and competencies
  • Understanding how to use job descriptions and person specifications in the workplace
  • Understanding how to link tasks to competencies and identify key performance areas and indicators
  • Providing practice in constructing professional job descriptions and person specifications
  • Learning how to evaluate and grade positions


Seminar Conductor- Ockert Botha

He is in possession of a B Degree – HR Management / Industrial Psychology and has more than 15 years HR Generalist / Managerial experience in various corporate environments.

He is an energetic, self-motivated and a hardworking Human Resources Practitioner with specialist experience in all most all aspects of HR. Ockert is an experienced facilitator and speaks with good insight as he has held various managerial positions in the HR industry

Registration fee: ZAR 9 999.00

How to register for the Training

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