Do you Really understand??


  • The implications of section 53 on your business?
  • Code Of Good Practice on Equal Pay/Remuneration for Work of Equal Value
  • Employment Equity Templates ( EE Analysis –EEA12 & EE Plan –EEA13)
  • Submitting EE Reports On-Line


Workplace Diversity & Employment Equity Compliance Conference 2018

22-23 November 2018, City Lodge OR Tambo

This conference aims at providing practical and solid discourse that will enable managers and consultation forums to work together effectively to ensure a constructive business transformation process. They will be practical discussions on Employment Equity Amendments and new regulations of the Act, these new regulations have far stricter stipulations for employer who do not comply with EE Act.

Benefits of  Attending the Conference:

  • Understanding  Employment Equity with regards to Women and People Living With Disabilities
  • Discussions on new regulations and amendments of Employment Equity Act
  • Non- compliance with the EE Act and also penalties involved from infringements of the Act
  • Application of the Codes of Good Practice in the workplace environment
  • How to conduct Equity workplace audit and also the importance of designing an equity plan
  • Sustainability of BEE Status and Scorecard within the Employment Equity Framework


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